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Why Bridges Fall

By bboka • 9 months ago • 338 views • 16 comments
Why Bridges Fall

We all know everything has an expiry date. The house we all live in can one day collapse.  The Fridge, The chemicals all have an expiry date.

And so does Bridge. We hear about The disaster of bridges . We hear them on the T,v, in newspaper, on bill board,on our phones but we don't know how or why it happened.

 Many of us thinks it's it's might be a huge disaster or something. But we're wrong. It's something minor, unheard of, something people can never imagine.

 Just like the Tay Bridge Disaster which occurred after a violent storm on  the 28th of December 1879. Due to the violent windy storm is what caused it to fall, that's what people say. But no one could have ever imagine that it is the Brim which holds the bridge is what caused it to fall.

Because of the intense weather of the Sun which causes Cystalloid. And that's what causes the collapsing of Bridges. The Brim is a metal roof which holds the bridge together. Once the Brim separate , the bridge collapse. It has an expiry date. Though it might be a thousand years or so but it must have an expiry date.

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