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By resmansero • 11 months ago • 210 views • 7 comments

1. *We live in times where we see many humans, but not enough humanity;*

2. *We live in times where the rich has more rooms than children and the poor has more children than rooms.*

3. *We live in times where Smart Phones bring you closer to those who are far, but distance you from those who are close;*

4. *We live in times where a single mother can look after 10 children, but 10 children can't look after a single mother;*

5. *We live in times where the rich walk miles to digest food, while the poor walk miles to obtain food;*

6. *We live in times where our contact lists are huge, but our relationships are poor;*

7. *We live in times where our possessions are more, but our contentment is less;*

8. *We live in times where we know how to earn a good living, but somehow forget how to live a good life;*

9 *We live in times where many know the price of everything, but the value of nothing;*

10 *We live in time when People get Power but can't empower others*.

Indeed, we live in a strange world.

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