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Genre: Drama\

Price: N2000 [$7.99]
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Over 300 copies sold between 7th-9th of April 20019


He said "Well, I'm dead. Let the funeral begin"
Sometimes the world no longer needs a hero but a monster.
Mother, I have seen no proof to profane!
I will not flee from love for the fear of fate.

The Bond Of Blood

is a tale of two faces.
Lovers that lost their minds and friends that fell apart.
It's a true mirror of mystery and a crossed-path of families separated by gut and greed
and intertwined by the insanity of their children.

You will love the book for it witty ways of portraying scenes and the diction and plots of the characters.
If you are a lover of suspense, wit, and mystery, you will enjoy the conflicts, thrills and, titillation that abound in this book

About The Author

Kel Armstrong is, well, not a complete writer, he doesn't believe anyone can be, but some say he is.
He is a Dramatist, Actor, he speaks and writes motivational journals and most especially,
he is a poet and that brings us to his other book next on this page.


Genre: Collection of poems

Price: N2000 [$7.99]
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Over 100 copies sold in 2hours on the 1st of March 2019


We are buried alas, between lies and lusts,
Deep in the insolence of emissaries of rifts,
Those who purport the emication of our hopes.
Some, for a feather,
Defend the abecedary evil of these owls
Unifying their efforts with a bricolage of lies...

Emissaries Of rifts
is a compilation of the top 200 poems of Kel.
It features poems like Mercenaries Of Strife,
For The Little Ones, My Heart Is a Graveyard,
Sacrament Of Snakes, and Ashes Of Blood.

Inclusive of his poems that have been published in international journals like StarBuck and local news papers.

Kel doesn't just write poems, I think. He talks to ones heart through his pen and he embeds a strong message in every line. I can't tell his best poem but if I must choose, I will go for The Little Ones.- Prof. Abara. Lecturer, Ebonyi State UniversityReview: 

In Emissaries Of Rifts Kel was able to compile together a few of his best poems, 
he has many, obviously.
This book has been my companion as I like word-play and
 the structure of good poems.
I particularly like Kel's poems because it does not only
 have good command and dominion over English language but he is also a voice for those who are deprived of their voices, and this for me, is the basic essence of poetry. - Ma, Prof.  Janet Liam. Author of Before The Beginning. UK.


Genre: Play

Price: N1500 [$5.99] Click here to pay Online


 ...There's nothing that I have in abundance as I have patience.
This is my sacrilege and my curse. But watch as I become the face of the fury of the gods.
They will pause their parlance as I walk through the fire.

About The Book: The Silent Serpent is a story of wit and war and struggles for dominion. An ancient riddle from the gods. It's a story of a tussle between violence and peace, a fight for supremacy between wit and war whores. It's a tale of two brothers; one, favored, greedy and egregious, the other, full of paramour for peace, subtle, sophic, and sagacious. It's a book that's carefully crafted to highlight the vicissitudes of todays' world and presents permissible solutions that truly reflect the beauty of morality, law, and logic.

The beauty of The Silent Serpent is the openness and flaws of the characters. It isn't forced and at the end all that mattered was their wit and it's what the world needs. - StarBuck series 

Buy the 3 books at once at a discounted price of N4000
[$16.44] Click here to pay Online   

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