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By viktall • 6 months ago • 161 views • 1 comments

The world is a mixture of good and bad, life and death, prosperity and poverty, and that's what keeps it in a fairly stable equilibrium. Hence, 'LIFE's not FAIR'.

The reason we have more evil than good; more failures than success; more heartbreaks than relationships. Thus, 'LIFE's not FAIR'.

Even, In an examination hall, the multi-choice questions have only one correct answer in the midst of several incorrect answers to choose from. Why aren't there an equal number of correct and incorrect answers, NO there isn't, cos 'LIFE's not FAIR'.

You would argue? saying, 'LIFE's FAIR'.

If life was fair, why should a businessman aim at making interest, shouldn't he just sell his goods at the same price it was bought? lol. 'LIFE's not FAIR'.

If life was fair, why do we still have corrupt people in leadership positions, after so many years?  'LIFE's not FAIR'.

If life was fair, why is the rate of unemployment greater in our nation? 'LIFE's not FAIR'.

You say life is fair, but crime-rate is at its climax, sin-rate rampant, on-lookers even greater, and suffering exceedingly great.

LIFE's not FAIR, It's dark. The African-dark.

We only live on hope, it's always the last one to die.

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