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Fear and its Attempt

By emmanuelameachi • 12 months ago • 362 views • 19 comments
Fear and its Attempt


Fear only exist in the mind before a person consciously walk into it,by themselves into reality.Fear is a feelings of insecurity and weakness,that builds up in a person consciousness in expectation for the worse situation.Once there is an absence of courage,fear is just inevitable.Many times fear are magnified in such a manner that ends in unfavourable drama.
In most cases,it can be contagious and anyone can get contaminated in it resulting forces.
Fear setback,it hinders,it procastinate.Infact it positivity in a system is far lesser than it extreme negativity.Taking or making emphasy out of fear is not to say is bad,but in a way it could be positively used to incline an headway,at some point in life.Which will just happen to be the only remedy that is needed,to survive or stay compliance at some point  in life.
The number of people living under the influence of fear each day of life are getting rampant.The fact remains that people will always have reason to fear or to be afraid.The fear of death,fear of hunger,rejection,fear of loss and so on in so forth,as made people to live below a quality lifestyle,due to unforseen outcome of fear that consistently torment them.It reduces the level of a well resounding performance.It reduces a person moral faculty in an attempt to stunt,cripple or stop a creative idea from manifesting.More like intimidation,which are the resulting effect of fear that stagnate emerging operation from been established.Fear on its own is contagious and its capable of aborting a positive change to it  fullest effect.Some people succeed in mastering the offers fear present on daily basis with good attitude,that nullifies negative occurences from happening.This type of people have grown to understand that,their fear is only determine by their own personal perception to it.
Once they get into this consciousness,they have the freedom to choose whether to fear some certain circumstances or not.
The reality of fear is that,once it is accomodated in the mind of a person,there is a tendency of been victimized to a threatning circumstances that present itself.Moreover,been fearful is not something unnatural,its a normal and a natural phenomenum that can dawn suddenly on anyone,under the manipulative effect of it.Without any gain saying,when challenges or issues of life beckons impromptly.Therefore,having the feelings of fear is inevitable and no one can do without it.Staying fearful is where the choice lies.
Now adays,insecurity is one of the paramount reason organization,company,personal enterprise employ the service of a security,to ensure safety and peace of mind away from fear.Therefore,dealing with fear is never a complete course till the person,comes to the consciousness of his or her own personal responsiveness to it.Its a deliberate attitude that must be positively respond to by an individual,if fear must be lived above.Which means knowing what fear is and striking a negotiable balance with it,will ensure a certain level of freedom of expression with the world around.Each day of life,in the public sector every individual live with a certain degree of fear in them,towards daily activities and engagement.
In work places, governmental territories,where staff and coleagues unit,could play roles that emancipate fear in their working environment,which comes as formalised threat.
Been afraid could give a cutting edge of awareness to a person,putting them at the state of alertness,acting sensibly to avoid the reason for the fear in them,in the first place.When this occurs,it means constructivity and not an hindrance in this context.This I called a positive fear.
Fear can make a person have respect for his fellow man or woman,if there relationship is mutual.The fear of giving room to provocative words,at the course of conversation or loosing the joy of friendship at the moment of seperation are all factors of fear.It means fear in a way chatters and alters the course of life in us and around us.How we handle and manage it,goes a long way to build or mar our obligation and purposes.
Hindering attempt of an active fear.

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