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Canabis Smoking(Why they smoke)

By emmanuelameachi • 12 months ago • 279 views • 16 comments
Canabis Smoking(Why they smoke)

Why  They  Smoke Weed

Before the lighting up,that proceed the inhaling puff of burning weed,We must understand that the burning substance in a roll bond paper,used in wraping is only used in moling up leaves.
Weed is a leaf called marijuana,a certain kind of plant  that has a high content of chemical composition,which is capable of exciting and erupting a spur in a smoker.People generally have different perspectives why they choose to or not to smoke hemp.The ones who refrain from hemp smoking probably found it too strong in it effect.The way it triggers unfavourable actions in them,could be one of the major reasons.Some other people dread having themselves involve in the act of weed smoking,due to bad occurencies other people had experience to their awarness,which created an  embargo in their mind against it.
Some people have had terrible experience of,out of mindedness at the aftermath of smoking weed and it almost a lunatic outcomes in boomeranging effect.This reality is not a joking affair because it is the truth.The first hand experience with marijuana, can be very dramatic and outragingly unpalatable because it can induce an unexpected action, from a starter attempting it and the aftermath effect is unpredictable.The uncontrolled smoker in his first had experience could run mad,if not tamed to adjust to the thrilling effect at their foremost trial.Inspite,there is room for moral abstainance.Like every other kind of ecstacy,weed is a different phenomenum because,it is planted like any other kind of crop,harvested and dried to make it ready for smoking,without any mixing that proceed with processing.
Without a person involvement in weed smoking,its almost impossible to understand reasons and why other people does and why others dont.
Experience they say,makes a person informed better than teaching,there are unwritten ideas and secret that is impacted to a smoker,than some other person that is not into it but with an idea of what the effect seems.
under normal standards of acceptance,weed is not expressive to everybody.A lot of people smokes and conceal this act to the enviroment around them,to avoid impression of irresponsibility and indiscipline but the advantage,which is gained towards smoking hemp remains a factor to them.
This sect of people do mind exploring work or duties that get their body in strainous and restlessness,they cant do much in their obligation if they dont find means of relief per time.Moreover,while they smoke under this condition they find more freedom in their body functions to navigate into relief and mind blowing experiences,that drives their creative ideology to a non stop runway to be accomplished.Its an effect that comes with a particular reform of the mind.As sence of smoking becomes deliberate at this level,productivity emerge on this resultant effective drive, to get something done.The feelings one get from smoking weed is like traveling freely,through an express road without obstruction,the person excitedly manifest a personal interest in relation, with what ever they choose doing under the thrill of highness.
An hot tempered fellow might find solace, smoking to cool down his nerves,while a quiet person might just need it to spur an aggressive action,towards an hostile circumstances.
The effect of smoking weed appeals to people differently.Other kinds of people caught themselve up with the rave of the moment,celebrating with relative and close friend in this regards, smoking marijuana.As it appeals,some prefer weed smoking than drinking,when they discover they could sustain greater measures of control,over it than getting drunk.
In our society today,the smoking of weed is an abuse,which has made it unwelcome in the society compare to cigarette.
The burning effect of weed is insultive and triggers offence in decent areas and location that accomodate official dealings,therefore it should be practise out of sight to avoid identity stains.
The level of depression and frustration has caused public abuse of hemp smoking in the society.Depressed people smoke this substance, to navigate their sences and mind away from unending struggle.The street of many localities are filled with lot more frustrated people,finding ways to help their lives out of hardship and unfavourable condition,that wont come to an end.Therefore,they tend to live with the comforting effect of weed smoking,constituting nuisance with unruly behaviour which over drives them into complicated lifestyle,that keep making weed smoking an unwelcome substance.i.e Facts remains that,it is never what you do that matters,but how what you do is done.
Looking at smoking marijuana from this angle of indiscipline makes it biased.Biased in the sence of making an undiscipline lifestyle in a person.Moreover,any one in his or her own right mind wouldnt want a weed smokers, involvement with them in lucrative dealings.Smoking marijuana is termed criminal offence in some country,and it could open an unsave loop holes flooping confidential issues,thereby making business patners insecure.The involvement could be at costing expence,if it not properly handle and it could tarnish the business proceedings,which might lead to cancellation of the persons service in patnership.
Meanwhile,smoking weed is a choice and a person engaging in this act,should be prepared to deal with occuring consequence that might present itself,if they choose smoking marijuana has a way of life.

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