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Aspire For Success

By hemjaylawz • 6 months ago • 109 views • 4 comments
Aspire For Success


The secret behind every man on his knees…. My Burdened Letter to all Youth out there… Tell every Youth that something new is trending. That there is a new class There is a new club in town There is a set of crazy young Men and Women. Tell them that the World is no longer moved by Shisha Nights,MTV base and BBN. Tell them that the era of bormshort night, jeans party is obsolete. That the happening thing is not competing to finish thirty crates of Beer, its to hold ourselves and drink the Wine of the Spirit. Tell them that the world is not interested in seeing people go naked in the streets again, the world wanna see youths rapping in tongues along the street and prayer walking around the streets. Tell that beautiful young lady that she’s not the only beautiful girl in town. Tell that handsome young man that there are more handsome Young Men that are on Fire for God. There is a new trend. Youths are on Fire for God!!! Tell that young girl who brags about her beauty that there are more beautiful ladies who are on fire for God, healing the sick and casting out devils and raising the dead. Tell that young man that there are more handsome young men who are doing exploits for Jesus Christ. Tell that girl that we have passed the era of show BREAST and BUTTOCKS. This is the era of operation show BRAIN. Tell her that we want to see her BRAIN at WORK and not BREAST at WAR. Tell that Young man who is always high on weed that Men are High now in the HOLY GHOST. Tell them that this a generation of innovation. We have passed the era of SAGGING PANTS and BOXERS. Use your head! Tell them that Young Men are aspiring to cause a positive revolution in the world. This is not an era of street Cultism. We have passed that regime. Tell them that the world now celebrates ENTREPRENEURS and not ENTITIES. Tell every Youth you see that the era of causing SOCIAL UNREST has expired. This is the era of SOCIAL REFORMATION The era of going to be blended in a cult has long expired. It’s no more the reigning thing. Youths are now RE-BRANDING AND REPACKAGING FOR GLOBAL INFLUENCE. IF YOU’RE A CULTIST, VERY SOON YOU WILL BE THERE ALONE. IF YOU’RE A PROSTITUTE VERY SOON You WILL BE THE ONLY PROSTITUTE IF YOU’RE LIVING IN IMMORALITY, YOU WILL SOON BE ALONE IN THAT TRAIN. THERE IS A REVOLUTION! MANY YOUTHS HAVE CAUGHT A GLOBAL VISION. MANY ARE LEADING IN THE ACADEMIC SECTOR. MANY HAVE BECOME GREAT ENTREPRENEURS MANY youths ARE DOING EXPLOITS IN THE BODY OF CHRIST THIS IS THE GENERATION THAT WILL DO GREATER THINGS. DON’T BE LEFT OUT!!! Father set my Life on Fire for you!!!!! Oh God breaks my heart and bend my knees. Oh lock me in the prayer room and throw the keys away.

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