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A world without mirror

By alfredblessing • 11 months ago • 219 views • 8 comments

imagine a world without mirror

Whoever invented mirror must be a genius.

Mirror are marvelous contractions. But I guess the inventor forgot to inform mirror to be a little diplomatic.

Mirror don't lie and mirror don't deceive. You can't stand before the mirror and not see and not see a true reflection of who and what you are.

My problem with mirror is that they are not sensitive enough to hide our blemishes.

If you don't want to know how old you have become , don't look at the mirror.

The mirror is very insensitive to our feelings. It reveals everything, just everything including the bumps, the wrinkles, the pimples, the spots, the dirt and the unkempt hair. "The guy just reveal everything.

I wish one day that somebody will invent a diplomatic mirror that will be careful enough to reveal to us only those things we want to see about ourselves. Maybe it will save many the untold miseries of wanting to change the shape if their nose and likes.

I must admit that I love mirrors. In a cynical world, full of sycophants, deceptive manipulators, liars, false praise makers and flatterers, you can not help but have a mirror.

Mirrors are true accountant and judges. They help us see ourselves as we really are. With mirror we com face to face with ourselves. The only true judge of a person successes or failures is himself not the world.

Everybody can praise and say great things about you but mirror is the final arbiter. That is looking is important to have both physical and spiritual mirrors to help shape the total man.

Please, permit me to encourage you to develop the habit of looking at the mirror of life - The word of God. It can give anybody a face lift and make him into a better person, and you won't have to be looking for the approval and compliments of men. For you will be at peace with yourself.

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